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What is left for families, friends, and the community after a horrifying, tragic event? Many are faced with dealing with the grief and sorrow of knowing they will never see their loved ones again. Others cannot get the terrifying images and the daunting fear out of their heads. Whereas, others have the urge to aid, but feel completely helpless and numb. Unfortunately, tragedy, devastation, and horror bring uncertainty and disbelief to the strongest of strongest. Without a doubt, in many cases, a traumatic experience significantly affect the individual’s fundamental being and how he/she can deal with normal life from that point forward.

However, providing support immediately after a tragic event, reduces psychological distress and promotes emotional growth. Post Traumatic Growth (PTG) is a concept that many are unfamiliar with but is highly effective for many. Post-traumatic Growth is basically learning to cope with the event by creating a new appreciation for life, others, and self. For example, it might only mean, connecting with others individual in the fight for a purposeful cause or developing a new spiritual connection with something greater than themselves.

As we just celebrated, the First year Anniversary of the PULSE Nightclub horrific tragedy, let us continue to grow together as a community and support one another to spread HOPE and witness POSITIVE change that can result in lasting results. May the senseless lives lost and the many wounded ignite love, compassion, and unity to our local community as we continue to strengthen our LGBTQ community and to become many parts, but one body UNITED STRONG!

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