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Dare to Dream

The pursuit of happiness is a promise handed down to us by the Declaration of Independence.  A promise that has created unimaginable opportunities that some never thought possible.  An assurance that allowed the brilliant and restless at heart to accomplish extraordinary things. 

People like you and I, have used that promise to surpass what they once thought it was just an idea.  In fact, a dream gives rise to thoughts that can be turned into actions.  The actions that we take can separate us apart from living a life we dislike or reaching our dreams. 

All we need is a change in perspective, a motivator, a craving to attain something different for ourselves.  It could be the most insignificant thing, but if it means a lot to you and makes you happy, then is worth doing it. 

Daring to be different and to undertake unclear possibilities is difficult, but not impossible.  Many have challenged themselves to be different and defeated the odds.  A few well-known examples; 

    A young, flamboyant, and hyper young man like Thomas Edison invented the first electric light bulb.

    The son of Hispanic immigrants, Oscar de la Renta, dreamed of a career in fashion and built a fashion Empire.

    The son of single teen mom, James LeBron loved to play and became the youngest, and most sought out basketball player of our time with his dedication and drive. 

What does that tell you? 

To take advantage of the promise given to us and make YOUR dreams a reality by daring to be different, defeating the odds and overcoming the obstacles you have created for yourself.  Stop dreaming and find the motivator within that allows yourself to shine brightly and become everything you ever dreamed. 



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