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Being part of a family is a natural and beautiful task that shapes the person we become.  See, my kids did not come with manuals.  In fact, every stage of my children’s life has come with immense challenges and heavenly rewards.  Each phase brought situational changes that helped me learn to become a better parent and allowed the kids to become individuals. 

The truth is, the situational changes added pressure to our family and created discomfort for us all. However, the pressure and distress pushed us to reevaluate our situation and readjust for the best interest of our family.  Family life is not for the faint at heart and depends on a significant amount of understanding and compromise. 

Parents must weather the seasons with balance and submission to raise healthy and independent children.  So, next time, you are in between seasons or the season does not seem to pass.  Remind yourself, how exceptional your kids are and that this season shall pass soon.   


What family season has been the most fruitful?   

Which season has been the most difficult?

What valuable lesson did you learn during that particular season?

What is your season today?  




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