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Fun with a Purpose

Have you ever noticed that when we have a goal in mind that makes us happy we plan with intention? For example, giving our significant other the best surprise birthday party, for something like that we plan every detail and rehearse over and over how the evening will take place.  We make sure to add special little things that would make our loved one feel extra special, even if it means socializing with that cousin that we do not like. 

In reality, when we plan fun with a purpose it brings us satisfaction and joy.  The pure act of doing something nice for someone else is a satisfying feeling that makes doing any task worthwhile.  The question is: Why can we plan our future with the same level of enthusiasm?  Is it that our life and future is not seeing as a fun thing?  Perhaps, we do not feel sacrificing for us has the same level of importance.  The reality is what makes us happy whether hard work or not should be done with our purpose in mind.  The end goal is what we should keep our eye on not the work that needs to be done to reach that point. 

Most people focused all their energy on getting the task done, and they lose sight of the beautiful things transforming along the way to complete the task.  Here is another example; just recently, I was talking to someone about being a new mom and how she was enjoying this beautiful journey.  Unfortunately, this young mom is too worried about being overwhelmed and doing all the work alone, that she is missing the joy of enjoying and seeing her precious child grow up.  Whereas, being exhausted and alone is not okay the fact that the baby is growing up quickly and healthily is more important.   

Today, I invite you to reconsider how you are planning your life.  Try planning your life with fun as a purpose.  Live the life you have and take in every single detail because you might learn something from the not so good things and find something out new about the fun things in life.

Learn to have Fun with a Purpose!          

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