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Feeling & Living with Our Emotions…

Emotions are a natural state based on a specific situation an individual is experiencing. Some individuals have different patterns of emotional temperament which leads them to handle situations in different ways. Emotional processing, however, is a standard process that facilitates our response. The process has three unique parts; experiences, motivation & perceived outcome.

Experiences are the way we view the world and the environment around us. It also includes the things we can see, hear, touch, etc.
Motivation, are the end goal we want to attain. For example, the good things we want to achieve or the bad things we want to avoid.
The perceived outcome, are the emotional responses we conditioned ourselves based on the experiences, motivation, and perception associated with a particular goal.

Through emotional content is how everyone works to resolve problems and discomfort. However, there is a certain level of awareness needed to go into action, particularly a goal or need, consequently, creating positive or negative emotions. Negative emotions point out a threat and lead to avoidance, whereas, positive emotions leads to opportunities and hope.

How do we convert high intense temperaments into more adaptable ones?
First, we must understand our trigger response system. Second, we must be open to work through resistance and lastly have the assistance of a qualified professional to explore our emotional content. In closing, our experiences guide our worldviews and how we handle stressful emotional situations. Each one of us is a unique person with lots of great potentials, so do not let your emotions keep you from living a perfectly normal life.

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