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Mirella Caro-Cortes

3 Questions to Define Marital Power Struggles

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Many partners feel unappreciated and devalued by their partner, but avoid speaking up about it because it is not an easy conversation to have. I am here to tell you that if you feel down, unhappy, or discourage by your family or your partner there are things we can do to help your relationship strive again. All hope is not lost, but someone needs to take the first step. The first step is admitting that… Continue reading

Sex vs. Intimacy

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Couples often have these two terms confused creating more discontent in their relationships.  Similarly, it is important to mention that intimacy is one of the top reasons for relationship breakups and infidelity. 

What is Intimacy?

Intimacy is described as the closeness that exists between the couple.  It refers to the level of understanding and security that each partner has for themselves and the person they love.  Intimacy speaks for the level of commitment and… Continue reading

“Divorce Month” – Choose to Stay Married.

We all have heard of individuals stating, “I’m waiting until after the Holidays to file for divorce.”  Because most people miraculously think that sparing the children from knowing the plans before Christmas will soften their emotional chaos.  The fact is, after a divorce, the children, and family will most likely be worse off than they were before starting the proceeding. 

The U.S. Government Accountability Office conducted a study in 2012 that concluded that household income fell by… Continue reading

10 Ways To Love Your Spouse

In this short video, Daniel Ally quickly and eloquently reviews 10 Ways to Love Your Spouse. Loving your spouse is hard work, but well worth the effort: communication, commitment, and mutual compassion yields fruitful and loving rewards. I hope you enjoy the video and find it useful in strengthening and loving your marriage. God Bless~

Save your marriage from the Holiday frenzy?

Festivities, family gatherings, and unique gifts are all at the top of the priority list for the Holidays. For many years, I spent countless hours shopping for the best prices and buying everything on everyone’s list. In the end, my husband and I would end up arguing about how much money I spent and how much stress I created for ourselves. Christmas morning came, and the gifts were open in a matter of seconds, and I stayed feeling empty and… Continue reading

Avoidance vs. Acceptance

Why do I avoid dealing with emotional issues?

Naturally, avoiding feeling pain is what each one of us strives for every day. Humans are creatures of habit and adapting to new situations comes quickly for most of us. For example, avoiding going to the mailbox to get the mail because my knee hurts or avoiding to think about something hurtful to prevent tears from entering into our eyes is the thing we do.  The problem with this type of… Continue reading

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