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Creating Healthy & Strong Family Relationships

Family relationships are among the most complicated, but fruitful type of relationships.  The family is where love, understanding, and sharing begin.  Regardless, of the type of family, there is always an opportunity to explore the core values that grow into deeper relationships.  Family life is the place where we start shaping our values, learn useful skills, and imitate behaviors.  Hence, demonstrating good values and exemplary behavior is paramount at an early stage.  This article will… Continue reading

Look At The Whole Picture

Look at the Whole Picture

Patience is a quality that has been lost over time. In a busy world where time is a luxury and being still is unheard off. We are asked to learn to be more patient. Unfortunately, our culture has conditioned us to be the opposite and to expect things NOW!

How do we act when we want something? Do we wait graciously, and with humility? My guess is that if most people are like me, the… Continue reading

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