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Don’t be Afraid

Have you ever let uncertainty build up into anxiety, fear, or panic?  The fact is that uncertainty is a normal part of life and it happens to everyone.  The sense of entering into something new that we have never experienced can be debilitating and at any stage of life. 

Uncertainty comes from having expectations without explicit knowledge that leads to self-doubt.  Most people are afraid to start something and not be able to finish because it… Continue reading

Fun with a Purpose

Have you ever noticed that when we have a goal in mind that makes us happy we plan with intention? For example, giving our significant other the best surprise birthday party, for something like that we plan every detail and rehearse over and over how the evening will take place.  We make sure to add special little things that would make our loved one feel extra special, even if it means socializing with that cousin that we do not… Continue reading


Being part of a family is a natural and beautiful task that shapes the person we become.  See, my kids did not come with manuals.  In fact, every stage of my children’s life has come with immense challenges and heavenly rewards.  Each phase brought situational changes that helped me learn to become a better parent and allowed the kids to become individuals. 

The truth is, the situational changes added pressure to our family and created discomfort… Continue reading

Pray About it and Let God Take Care of the Rest

When things get hard, be grateful for the good things you have and pray for guidance and wisdom.  God only gives us the things that we need and the tribulations that we can handle.  Every situation has the potential of having a perfect ending.  Only if we take the time to consider all options, although, it does not guarantee it will be less complicated or fast, it can be rewarding. 

In the silence of prayer as… Continue reading

Dare to Dream

The pursuit of happiness is a promise handed down to us by the Declaration of Independence.  A promise that has created unimaginable opportunities that some never thought possible.  An assurance that allowed the brilliant and restless at heart to accomplish extraordinary things. 

People like you and I, have used that promise to surpass what they once thought it was just an idea.  In fact, a dream gives rise to thoughts that can be turned into actions.… Continue reading

Things aren’t always…

Have you ever been in a situation that discourages you from moving forward? Perhaps, a bad relationship that feels right but is wrong? A job that pays well, but is not the right fit? Many things can look like what they are not, and because we are Humans with needs, we do not always have the courage to end it and start new. Corinthians 5:7, states we should walk by faith, not by sight. How are we to do that… Continue reading

Where do we go from here…

What is left for families, friends, and the community after a horrifying, tragic event? Many are faced with dealing with the grief and sorrow of knowing they will never see their loved ones again. Others cannot get the terrifying images and the daunting fear out of their heads. Whereas, others have the urge to aid, but feel completely helpless and numb. Unfortunately, tragedy, devastation, and horror bring uncertainty and disbelief to the strongest of strongest. Without a doubt, in many… Continue reading

Creating Healthy & Strong Family Relationships

Family relationships are among the most complicated, but fruitful type of relationships.  The family is where love, understanding, and sharing begin.  Regardless, of the type of family, there is always an opportunity to explore the core values that grow into deeper relationships.  Family life is the place where we start shaping our values, learn useful skills, and imitate behaviors.  Hence, demonstrating good values and exemplary behavior is paramount at an early stage.  This article will… Continue reading

Look At The Whole Picture

Look at the Whole Picture

Patience is a quality that has been lost over time. In a busy world where time is a luxury and being still is unheard off. We are asked to learn to be more patient. Unfortunately, our culture has conditioned us to be the opposite and to expect things NOW!

How do we act when we want something? Do we wait graciously, and with humility? My guess is that if most people are like me, the… Continue reading

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