Our son has depression. He wasn’t comfortable talking about why he felt this way. We tried different therapists and he just wasn’t comfortable with them. They weren’t a “good fit”. We found Mirella and our son opened up to her and is very comfortable talking with her.  Sincerely, JoAnn

I was referred to Mirella by a friend of mine, and I could not be more grateful. I instantly felt a connection with her and it made the process of opening up much easier. I am not new to therapy, but I am new to her thought process. When I am in session I not only feel as though she is listening to me, she is hearing me, which I believe can be two very different things. The tools that she uses to help me realize my strengths and help me adjust my weaknesses are allowing me to become who I want to be and are helping guide me through this journey. I look forward to each session that we have as I know I am going to continue on the path of growth and eventually reach my ultimate destination. Kindly, Angelica

Mirella has been an amazing counselor and has helped me through some very dark times. She is very nice, loving and listens to you and gives the best advice she could possibly give!. I may not need her as much as I did, but I know she will always be there when I do and that is so comforting to me. Mirella has not only been my first and only counselor, but she is also like a friend to me.  Thank you, Elizabeth