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Avoidance vs. Acceptance

Why do I avoid dealing with emotional issues?

Naturally, avoiding feeling pain is what each one of us strives for every day. Humans are creatures of habit and adapting to new situations comes quickly for most of us. For example, avoiding going to the mailbox to get the mail because my knee hurts or avoiding to think about something hurtful to prevent tears from entering into our eyes is the thing we do.  The problem with this type of… Continue reading

Does Therapy Work…

Family Counseling is not a “fix it all” method. However, it is an excellent place to start learning and talking things out. Family Counseling offers the opportunity to learn skills needed to have a more successful family environment. Many people think that a therapist sorting out family problems is unnatural. The therapist job is to find areas of everyday life that can be enhanced.

For example, an athlete is not born knowing everything there is to know about a specific… Continue reading

Feeling & Living with Our Emotions…

Emotions are a natural state based on a specific situation an individual is experiencing. Some individuals have different patterns of emotional temperament which leads them to handle situations in different ways. Emotional processing, however, is a standard process that facilitates our response. The process has three unique parts; experiences, motivation & perceived outcome.

Experiences are the way we view the world and the environment around us. It also includes the things we can see, hear, touch, etc.
Motivation, are… Continue reading

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