Does your teen drive you crazy? Do you spend long hours thinking there is something wrong and you cannot figure out what to do? Most of us can identify with that feeling. In fact, I have been in your shoes before, and it almost ruined my family’s life. At Image & Likeness Counseling we want to help you overcome the struggles of adapting to a new, unfamiliar generation that affected the people we loved the most.

As a mental health therapist, I have the experience, and knowledge necessary to collaborate with you to reach the goals you have in mind. During our COMPLIMENTARY 30 MINUTE CONSULTATION, I will work with you to develop a step by step system that will address your primary concern while working through any resistance to reach your goals. I will focus on helping you reach your family’s optimal mental health through the use of individual therapy, family therapy or group therapy.

Treatment is successful when you attend all your appointments. I ask that you prepare to meet with me on a weekly basis for at least six weeks in a row. Therapy requires your active involvement. It requires your time, effort, and regular attendance.