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Being part of a family is a natural and beautiful task that shapes the person we become.  See, my kids did not come with manuals.  In fact, every stage of my children’s life has come with immense challenges and heavenly rewards.  Each phase brought situational changes that helped me learn to become a better parent and allowed the kids to become individuals. 

The truth is, the situational changes added pressure to our family and created discomfort… Continue reading

Creating Healthy & Strong Family Relationships

Family relationships are among the most complicated, but fruitful type of relationships.  The family is where love, understanding, and sharing begin.  Regardless, of the type of family, there is always an opportunity to explore the core values that grow into deeper relationships.  Family life is the place where we start shaping our values, learn useful skills, and imitate behaviors.  Hence, demonstrating good values and exemplary behavior is paramount at an early stage.  This article will… Continue reading

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