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Pain all around Us

In last ten years, the US has undergone several terrible acts of violence that have taken the lives of many innocent people.  The disregard for human life does not discriminate against age, gender, location, or religion.  Days after a horrific mass shooting, communities come together and show acceptance and love for one another.  Slowly, we all drift back to our regular routines and hectic lives.  One thing is clear, coming together with our community to show… Continue reading

Deny Yourself…

“Whoever wishes to come after me must deny himself, take up his cross, and follow me.”  Matthew 16: 24

Jesus knew he was destined to die to save the world and walked this world knowing that whatever he did or did not do would not change the outcome. He took up the challenge and persevered for the good of humankind.

How are Jesus’s actions different than our actions?

We question the reasons why something must be the way it… Continue reading

Pray About it and Let God Take Care of the Rest

When things get hard, be grateful for the good things you have and pray for guidance and wisdom.  God only gives us the things that we need and the tribulations that we can handle.  Every situation has the potential of having a perfect ending.  Only if we take the time to consider all options, although, it does not guarantee it will be less complicated or fast, it can be rewarding. 

In the silence of prayer as… Continue reading

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